Come what May

The month of May will be the month when everything musically relevant will happen in the whole of 2013.

First of all it will be the end of my degree at Leeds College of Music, as on Thursday the 30th I will perform my graduation recital.

Before that I will be performing with my vocal quartet in my Musical Direction recital, which will take place on Friday the 17th.

At the end of the performance at 2,30pm Adam and I will be on our way to Bucharest in Romania for the 7th International Jazz Competition.

Have you ever wondered how in the opening scene of “Quantum of Solace” can James Bond start his car chase in lake Garda and minutes later end up in Siena city centre? Well that is pretty much what Adam and I will do to reach Bucharest in roughly five hours of plane journey. Without an Aston Martin.

If that was not enough excitement already we will be back in Leeds for Adam’s recital on the 23rd and back to Bucharest on the 24th to (hopefully) perform at the finals.

We will be back in Leeds once again at 9,50am to be ready to perform at 7 Arts at 1pm.

I don’t really know if all this information is interesting for you readers but if anything it shows how unpredictable and exciting the life of a musician can be, even though slightly less glamorous than Bond’s.

If you would like some more information on how Adam managed to get his guitar on the plane you can look at his blog here.


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