Competitions, competitions, competitions

As you might have guessed from the title, the past week seems to have been all about competitions.

On Wednesday 27th my favourite guitarist Adam Taylor was recruited with his newly formed trio Aeroplanes at Brescia to represent Leeds College of Music at the 606 Club in London. They will be performing alongside students from the Royal Academy of Music on the 2nd of April. If you are about in London don’t miss this gig, but if you are not you can still enjoy their music here.


But this is not all, the week finished with an unexpected twist.

I attended the most epic big band competition (or should I call it a marathon?) the Great Northern Big Band Festival, as part of Big Band Theory led by big band fanatic Edd Maughan.

After six hours of auditions, a curry and a cheeky performance of “a Tisket a tasket” I was pleasantly surprised to receive the “Adjudicators Award” for most entertaining performance. Big Band Theory also received the prize for “Best Set” and was invited to play at the evening concert along with the winning band.

IMG_1745There is one last competition I have not yet mentioned, the one that I am the most nervous and excited about, but I will not reveal it until its 100% confirmed, so keep checking this space.


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