I just want to be Marisa Monte

There you go I’ve said it. I am experiencing the biggest (musically speaking) celebrity crush I have had since Leo Di Caprio in 1997.

But this time is real love. I am talking of course about Brazil’s first (to my knowledge) female rock/pop star Marisa Monte.

This woman embodies everything you would want from a singer: beauty, elegance, style, silky voice but she is also down to earth and extremely versatile.

I will spare you from a transcription of her wikipedia page, since none of the information I have about her will differ from what you can find on the web. But I will tell you this: my absolute love and admiration for Marisa and her music has brought me to learn a few of her songs. And regardless of the fact that I don’t speak a word of Portuguese I have embarked on an adventure with Adam in performing them.

I will be testing my fake Portuguese on Monday the 18th at the Spires Jazz Club in Oxford. If our Brazilian guests will consider my pronunciation sufficiently proficient we might venture in recording some videos and releasing them on Youtube for you all to enjoy.

Meanwhile I will practice softening my consonants and if it gets a bit too much I can always console myself thinking that I look a bit like Marisa…

c comeglio bw











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