To teach or not to teach

I must say I never was very excited at the idea of being a music teacher. I have always been one of those people who thought that teaching was for the faint of heart, a last resort for those musicians who did not have the chance to pursue a career as performers. A safe spot for those who do not have the drive or the talent to “make it”. And it may well be the case for some people that I have encountered in my life as a student, barricaded in their well payed jobs, too comfortable to engage and inspire students.

But this is not what I have found for myself. In the past two weeks I have been observing secondary school pupils and teachers as a trainee, and I can honestly say I have been completely converted.

Every day is a challenge, every day is a chance to make a difference no matter how big or small in the life of a student. Every day is wanting to learn and understand a bit more about these kids, is finding a common ground, making them trust you.

Being on a stage is easy. You are on the other side, surrounded by darkness and the audience is just waiting for you to do what you know best.

Being in school is a sensory overflow of faces, voices, noises, questions, rooms, chairs, trainers, lunch boxes. And you cannot afford to be “on the other side” or your audience will be lost from the start.

But it is a stage I would much rather be on.


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