Attenti a “Quei Due”

The time has come for me to talk about a very special musical adventure I have been deeply involved with for the past few months.

Tha name is “Quei Due” (literally “Those Two” in Italian), and describing it is quite simple, it is a vocals and guitar duo.

What is harder would be to give a name to the music that we do. I could say that we play Italian popular music, spiced up with a bit of jazz, a bit of contemporary music, but also some good old fun pop. Truth is that we play anything we like, regardless of genre, nationality or label.

My partner in crime is guitarist Adam Taylor, a musician with whom I share a very similar musical taste, hopefully sophisticated and interesting with a confessed guilty pleasure for happy, pop influenced music.

This is the result, I hope you will enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoy playing this music.

PS: for those of you who were wondering where does this obscure Italian band name comes from I ca  tell you that it is a quote from the Italian translation of the ’60s TV show “The Persuaders” with Sir. Roger Moore and Tony Curtis, which my dad is really fond of. The title of the show was translated in Italian as “Attenti a quei due” literally “Beware of those two”.


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