I’m dreaming of a Blue Christmas

I must say that after three pretty jazz-less months, its been a really good Christmas in Italy.

At my arrival in Milano with Adam, we headed straight away for the Blue Note for a gig with the Montecarlo Nights Orchestra and Nick the Nightfly.

Needless to say that the Blue Note is the most beautiful jazz club I have ever seen, and now also the most amazing jazz club I have ever played in!

The room can contain between 400 and 500 people and I have to say that that night the club was absolutely packed! And even better than that, the audience loved the music and was very engaged with the show.

What has this experience taught me the most? That it is worth going through the motions for being a musician. You can sure have many many bad days, days when you doubt not only whether you will be able to make a career out of it, but also why you wanted to be a musician in the first place. And maybe one day I will turn back and open a restaurant, or work in a shop or make sandwiches in Subway, but today I am a proud jazz musician.



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